Monday, March 02, 2009

Wascaly Wabbits

I was at the poultry shop the other day and decided to make some rabbit, since I hadn't prepared it in a long time. I definitely was not in the mood for frog's legs and I didn't want to fuss with squab, so rabbit it was!

I prepared it in much the same way I would coq au vin...I seared all the rabbit, removed the meat and cooked a mirepoix with the brown bits, made a wine reduction, added some stock and slow cooked the rabbit in the oven at a very low temperature.

OK, so it's pretty fussy, probably much fussier than the squab would've been, but it was well worth it. Mmm...rabbit on a bed of creamy polenta with spinach and a nice glass of vino nobile. Can't go wrong...

Wish you could have a bite,

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