Sunday, August 09, 2009

That Freshly Baked Bread Smell

Here's my once every 5 months blog entry. It's not very exciting. Sorry.

I could never give up bread. No way, man. I've been trying to cut down on bread intake over the last couple years, telling myself, "OK, I'll have to MAKE it if I crave it." Of course, as we all know, bread isn't one of those in the mood foods you can whip up in 15 minutes. Try more like, 15 hours. Especially if you make a sponge. Now we're talking 2 DAYS.

So, I had one of those cravings, and since it's been hot in Los Angeles lately, I decided to heat things up another 500 degrees. If I'm gonna spend all this time making bread, might as well make 2 loaves, right?

Just try to let the bread cool down for 2 hours before you cut into it...

Wish you could have a bite,